Why Russia-Ukraine War May Last Through 2022 —US

The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has said that the Russian war in Ukraine could last through the end of 2022 as the US and European officials have increasingly assessed that there was no short-term end in sight to the conflict.
European officials told the CNN that there are no indications that Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s, ultimate goals have changed and it is unlikely he will pursue diplomatic negotiations unless faced with military defeat.

The war between both former Soviet states has lasted 50 days with Russia now shifting its military focus from the Northern and Southern parts of Ukraine to the Eastern part of Ukraine known as the Donbass region, which contains the breakout regions of Luhansk and Donetsk.
National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, said the fighting in Ukraine is likely to be “protracted,” and will go on “for months or even longer.”
Some members of Congress and their aides are quietly making comparisons to the Korean War, which lasted for three years.
Two other European officials said they believe that fighting in Eastern Ukraine — where Russian forces are expected to launch a new offensive — could last for four to six months and then result in a stalemate.
Speaking on Friday, Blinken told European allies that the “United States believes the Russian war in Ukraine could last through the end of 2022”.
Blinken said he “has discussed with his counterparts our concern that the conflict could be protracted, but all of his engagements have revolved around how best to bring it to a halt as quickly as possible”.

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