University Graduate Begs Nigerians For N30million Ransom To Free Abducted Husband

A graduate of the University of Osun, Motunrayo Shittu, has called on Nigerians to help her with funds to be able to pay a ransom of N30million to secure the release of her kidnapped husband.

The young woman, in a video shared by a tweep, said she was expecting her husband’s return to their home in Ekiti State on Sunday but this never happened.

She said on Monday, a call came into her phone and the kidnappers, of the Fulani extraction, requested a sum of N30million as ransom.

Shittu said she had been able to gather N1,750,000 and when she informed the kidnappers, they rained curses on her.

She then pleaded with Nigerians to contribute any amount towards securing her husband’s release from the bandit’s custody.

“My name is Motunrayo Shittu, I’m calling on fellow Nigerians to please assist with whatever they can. My husband was kidnapped on Sunday. I was expecting him to come back home but unfortunately, around past 5, I tried calling because I knew he was close.

“His phone was off, I was worried, I was terrified, what’s going on. He’s not someone that goes out without telling me so I started calling his phone, I called the person that drove the car too.

“Later on Monday around past 8 pm, these Fulani people called, they said they want a ransom of N30million. Where do they expect me to get that kind of money from? So, I’ve been trying my best.

“As of now, out of N30million, we’ve been able to come up with something, we have N1.750 million. They called this afternoon again, I told them, this is what we have been able to come up with and they were like, ‘shege, God punish you’. It’s not like we have the money, and these times are really hard. I will appreciate any amount. No amount is too small.”

This was brought to public attention via a Twitter thread shared by a friend to Shittu, Adeyinka Odutuyo.

The tweet reads, “This is unfortunate. I attended the same uni with Motunrayo Shittu and years after we parted ways it’s sad that this is how I get to see her.

“Her husband was kidnapped and the kidnappers are requesting a N30m ransom. Please RT, tag handles that can help. More info in the thread.”

The menace of banditry and kidnapping has now ravaged the country as families go homeless in a bid to gather money to secure the release of their loved ones from their captors.

Barely a month ago, a farmer identified as Saidu Faskari in Katsina State removed his house’s roofing sheet to sell in a bid to gather ransom money for the release of his eldest son kidnapped by bandits.

It was learnt that the farmer himself was kidnapped in December in Faskari Local Government Area and spent 13 days with the bandits.


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