Pro-Biafra Group Threatens To Destroy Pipelines Supplying Oil To Nigeria In Bakassi Peninsula

A pro-Biafra group, Biafra Nations League (BnL) has said it is considering destroying the pipelines in Bakassi Peninsula which are taking oil to Nigeria. 
The group added that the Nigerian State lost its place when it handed the Peninsula to Cameroon without the involvement of the natives, a statement by the National Leader of BnL, Princewill Richards said on Sunday. 

It claims that the BnL has been a household name in the region and has succeeded in scaring away foreigners with boats and small vessels and preventing them from passing through the Peninsula because of their operations. 
Richards accused the Nigerian government of “taking oil from the Peninsula and the entire South East coast to fund ‘repented’ Boko Haram training, and also military killings in the Igbo area”.
Richards said the reason why there have been attempts to apprehend oil workers in the Bakassi Peninsula by suspected militants loyal to BnL “was because the companies failed to shut down, and wanted to know if we have such authority, and they discovered that we have full control of all the Marine boys in the Gulf of Guinea”.
He said that Nigeria should expect the worst from militants. 

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