Policeman In Lagos Brutalises Pepper Seller Over N200 Bribe

A policeman in Lagos has attacked a pepper seller and the motorcycle rider that conveyed her at the time for refusing to pay a N200 bribe. 

The woman simply identified as Mrs Folorunsho was on her way to the Mile 12 Market in Lagos to buy pepper and tomatoes to sell  to her customers when a policeman attached to the Pedro Police Station under Somolu Local Government Area stopped the motorcycle rider to collect N200 as ‘settlement’ from them. 

Narrating her ordeal, the woman said, “Around 2:30pm, I got ready to go to Mile 12 and so hailed a motorcycle. 

“While on our way, one of the policemen at Pedro Police Station popularly called Alhaji accosted us and told the motorcycle rider to stop. 

“The rider who was already on top speed, was trying to halt when the policeman used a huge drum to hit him.

“The rider and I fell to the ground and were left unconscious. 

“When the policeman saw what had happened, he ran into the station with his colleagues. 

“The community members who witnessed the whole thing gathered outside the station and began chanting that the policeman had killed people and ran into the station.

“After much protest, some of the policemen came out with a van and took us to a hospital.” 

Speaking further, Folorunsho said the policemen soon ran away from the hospital in order to avoid paying the hospital bill.

She added, “They gave the hospital our names and ran away. 

“They didn’t wait to pay for our treatment or ensure that we were okay after causing us serious injuries.

“Just because they wanted a bribe of N200, they ruined my face and almost killed me.”

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