Please Don’t Displace Us – Lagos Traders Tell Governor Sanwo-Olu Over Eviction Order Without Alternative

Traders with stores under and around the Apongbon bridge, Lagos Island, on Monday pleaded with the Lagos State government to rescind its decision to evacuate them from under the bridge.
The traders display various placards appealing to the Lagos State Government for reversal of the eviction order.

The popular Apongbon market was razed by fire only last week.
The state government in response to the incident shut the bridge and gave the traders a seven-day quit notice to evacuate their makeshift shops and containers.
However, the traders who were affected by the fire outbreak pleaded that the state government should allow them to continue their businesses at the same location, noting that they had nowhere else to go.
They displayed various placards lamenting that they were helpless and depended on their stores located around the bridge for means of livelihood.
“We are over 20,000 businessmen and women, please don’t displace us,” one of the placards by the traders read.
The traders said markets affected by the directive include the Aromoleti Esho market, Shoe and bag market, Irewolede market, ECOWAS market, and Asejere market.

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