My Abductors Are Fulani, Says Zamfara Emir Who Spent A Month In Kidnappers’ Den

The Emir of Bungudu in Zamfara State, Alhaji Hassan Attahiru, has narrated how he was abducted by kidnappers along the Kaduna-Abuja road last year. 


According to the monarch, his abductors were Fulani from Nigeria and some from neighbouring countries.

Over the past few years, Fulani herdsmen have been accused of being involved in attacks leading to abductions, a development that has created ethnic tension but the Fulani have repeatedly denied masterminding such attacks.


Speaking with Daily Trust, Attahiru said, “Like everybody else has been explaining, you were on your way and suddenly people started shooting and your driver tried to maneuver, but others came from behind and attacked and picked up people, killed a couple of others and took you into the bush, walked for about two days, then you were taken to their camp.


“I spent 30 days in their camp, apart from the two days we used in walking to that place. And it was during the rainy season, so it was raining day and night. That was why I said the strength some of us had must have only come from God. I was not the only person, there were few others, including young women in my group. We all went through; thanks to God.


“I wouldn’t want to compromise some situations, so I wouldn’t want to go into very deep specifics, but it was an open place. They had the advantage of maybe hearing and seeing people from there. The people who kept watch over their victims were different from those who went for operations.


“These are young and illiterate people who were into drugs and other things. Those who were a little bit older were the ones who would go and scavenge for victims.


“Substantially, they were Fulani from Nigeria and some from neighbouring countries. I knew that some of them were from Niger. Some of them even had training outside the country because the way they were speaking, they were Fulani of all dialects.


“We had somebody who understood Fulfulde very well, so he used to tell us the difference among dialects because our knowledge of the language was very small. Of course there were others from the surrounding villages, who they conquered and recruited into their activities.”

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