kuman 5 inch Resistive Touch Screen with Protective Case 800×480 HDMI TFT LCD Display Module for Raspberry Pi 3B+/3B 2 Model B RPi 1 B B+ A A+ SC5AC (5 inch Raspberry pi Display with Protection case)

Price: $44.99
(as of Feb 12,2020 17:28:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

kuman raspberry pi screenkuman raspberry pi screen

Kuman 5 Inch Touch Screen 800×480 TFT LCD Display for Raspberry Pi 3 2 Model B RPi 1 B B+ A A+


A good solution for those seeking for a bigger resolution display
Designed for Raspberry Pi, an ideal alternative solution for monitor
800×480 resolution, better display
Good touch response
Large viewing angle
Fast response time
For Raspberry Pi B+/2B Raspberry Pi 3B
With detail tutorial


5 inch TFT Resistive touch screen display, 800×480 Resolution

HDMI input

Usb touch and power, 5V

Lcd driver IC: ILI9486L

Refresh rate:60HZ

Lcd Size :120mm*78mm

Package list:

5 inch Touch LCD Display x1

HDMI connector x1

Touch pen x1

Protective case x1

5 inch touch screen5 inch touch screen

Come with protective case

To prevent scratches during production and transportation, the case comes with a protective film. It can be torn off by a blade or other tools, the case is black.

If you need the tutorial, you could download from the product description or QA.

Screen Size(inch)







Original Resolution







Touch Function


Protective Case

5 inch Resistive Touch Screen designed for Raspberry Pi 3 2 model B RPI 1 b + A +, can’t work with Raspberry Pi zero directly. The screen also can work with all standard HDMI device, but the touch function is just for Raspbian and Ubuntu systems.
This HDMI raspberry pi display is with 800 x 480 resolution, we design a protective case for it, and it need you to assemble it, You could look for the below QA to download the tutorial or contact us by email to get.
When the 5 inch monitor work with RPI, it don’t need external power supply. This screen power supplied and can be touched by GPIO, display by HDMI. If it is powered by external power, there will be no touch function, and please use 5V2A power supply to power it.
The Touch screen comes with Touch pen and protective case. The screen is resistive touch screen, which need touch pen to touch it, it is hard to touch with finger, Please kindly note.
We provide the tutorial about how to install the driver to your raspbian and Ubuntu system, and we also do the installed system that you could download directly. You could look for the below QA to download or contact us by email.

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