How Lawless Nigerian Policemen Brazenly Harass, Extort Money From University Students In Enugu

Students of Enugu State University of Science and Technology have lamented the inhumane treatments they have been subjected to by operatives of Enugu Police Command for the past two months.

They alleged that the policemen have been dehumanising and extorting money from students of ESUT. 

According to the students, the policemen go to the extent of assaulting any student who refuses to yield to their demands.

A student of the university, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told SaharaReporters on Friday that the policemen stop students going to the campus and harass them.
He went further to say they demand money from students whether they find any incriminating materials with them or not, adding that any student who argues with them ends up being molested.

Another student, who corroborated the account, provided a video showing up to six policemen harassing a female student for failing to give them money after they had stopped the tricycle conveying her to school along Obeagu Uno-Amodu Road on Wednesday.

One of the policemen in the video slapped the lady across the face and called her ‘ashawo’ (sex worker) for not giving in to their threats.


The source said, “Please, the students of Enugu State University of Science and Technology have been subjected to all kinds of humiliation, dehumanisation, and harassment in the hands of the policemen in Enugu State.  

“These policemen just harass us anyhow, and we are helpless. They will stop students and be checking our bags, pockets and searching us for incriminating objects. In the process, they will demand money from you and if you don’t give them, that leads to molestation.”

When asked if the case has been brought to the notice of the ESUT authorities and students’ union body, the source said he was not certain if they were aware, adding that they have more trust in the media than in the university authorities.

“I don’t know if the school management and SUG are aware, and even if they know, what would they do? This thing has been happening now for the past two months. We need justice. Please, help us broadcast it through the media, so this can get to the public and appropriate quarters to stop this madness,” he added. 

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