How Fraudsters Impersonating Nigerian Singer, P-Square’s Peter Okoye, Defrauded Me — Victim

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Kafilat has narrated how she almost fell victim to fraudsters on Facebook who were impersonating Nigerian artiste, Peter Okoye of P-Square in a lottery scheme which he anchors, Zoom lifestyle.
Kafilat explained to SaharaReporters that she had subscribed to the idea because of the prominence of the musician and subsequent video call to her WhatsApp number which made it appear more credible.

She said after receiving a video call in which Okoye’s face appeared, she received a message prompting her to pay N5,000 to a bank account to receive a bigger sum of money. She did. However, rather than this, she was asked to pay another N25,000 which made her realise she had been dealing with a fraudster.
She explained, “What they do is that they place advert (sic) on Facebook impersonating as (sic) Peter Okoye that anyone who needs help can actually get money. So, you are required to say hello on Whatsapp. After this, I just got a video call immediately telling me that I’m talking to Peter Okoye live now, that he’s ready to help many people because of the situation of the country. After that, I got a message with three payment options.
“He said if I want N200, 000, N500, 000 and N1 million, I have to buy tickets for each category depending on the one I want. I lied to him that I have no money and since he’s there to help, why request for money again? He said any amount like N5, 000 I can bring it. I paid immediately and he said I’ve won N500, 000. I was so happy, he told me his manager will call me that he’s not in Nigeria now and has no Naira but the manager will sort that out, and instructed me to drop my account number.
“The next thing someone called me and said I must pay N25, 000, that was when I knew it was a scam. I told them not to bother again but they started calling, sending messages that they’re (sic) waiting for me, that was when I realized it was a scam.
“I have been hearing from other people who claimed they parted with school fees with the hope of winning. The scamming is still on and people are falling victim to this.”
Meanwhile, Peter Okoye had issued a disclaimer on his official Instagram handle on April 20, warning Nigerians not to fall victim to the fraudsters. He said the fraudsters are using his previous videos/photos to deceive unsuspecting people on social media.

He wrote, “My dear people! Most especially those on Facebook!
“Take a good look at some of the fraudsters you are indirectly paying your hard-earned money into the bank account they created as PETER OKOYE all in the name of “ZOOM GIVEAWAY”!
“Over 17 of them have been arrested and interrogated with full evidence! They all confessed and have been charged to Court! And they since confessed in court that there are still over 100s of them out there!
“This is another story for another day! Happy Sunday. The date has since been corrected 2021 not 2022 thanks!
“@zoomupyourlife is not on WhatsApp, all tickets are purchased directly from our website at not by paying money into any account. They won’t still hear!
“KINDLY NOTE: Zoomlifestyle is not an investment company nor a giveaway platform but a lottery company; we do not have any manager, we do not have any account number for payment neither does Mr P and Zoomlifestyle is (sic) not on WhatsApp.
“All tickets are purchased directly from our website at not by making payment into any personal account (not even a Peter Okoye account) @peterpsquare will no longer call winners via video calls as a result of the increase in the rate of scammers using his previous videos/pictures to deceive people.
“Please do not fall victim to online fraudsters; Zoomlifestyle will not be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions you have with fake social media accounts.
“For enquiries, kindly reach out to us on our social media page @zoomupyourlife.”

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