Everything Has Collapsed In Nigeria Including National Power Grid, Naira And Buhari’s Health – Sowore

Human rights activist and presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore on Tuesday, said Nigeria was in a state of total collapse under President Muhammadu Buhari.
Nigeria’s national electricity grid had on Monday collapsed amid severe fuel scarcity that has disrupted economic and commercial activities in the country in the past five weeks.
A total system collapse means blackout in most parts of the country.

Some Nigerians had taken to social media to lament the suffering faced due to loss of power supply, especially at a time when fuel sells at about N210 per litre and diesel at N700/800 per litre.
“Under incompetent, corrupt, unjust and patently inhuman @muhammadubuhari/@profosinbajo regime national grid has collapsed, national security has collapsed, national currency+economy has collapsed,” Sowore posted on Facebook.
“National education has collapsed, national infrastructure has collapsed, national health has collapsed. Everything has collapsed including the health of the president.”
Meanwhile, Buhari is in London, UK attending to his health, as is his usual practice.
President Buhari on March 6 departed Abuja for a routine medical check-up in London.
The president had initially planned to embark on the trip from Nairobi, Kenya after attending the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) at 50 in that country.
The president’s spokesman, Mr Femi Adesina had on March 1, in a statement said the president would proceed to London from Nairobi for “routine medical checks that will last for a maximum of two weeks”.
He, however, returned to Abuja on Friday, March 4 before embarking on the London trip on Sunday, two days later.
Buhari is in the habit of travelling abroad for any medical treatment he requires. For instance, in June 2016, the President flew to London to treat an ear infection.

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