Dunamis Pastor Disconnects Light, Water Supply To Residence Of Schoolteacher Dismissed Illegally In Abuja

A dismissed staff of the Destiny Christian Academy, Igoche Ada, says a Pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre has disconnected electricity and water supply to his apartment in the Lord’s garden.

SaharaReporters had reported how Ada was illegally dismissed on allegations of molesting female students of the school.

He subsequently sued the Senior Pastor of the Church, Paul Enenche and his wife, Becky, who are co-owners of the school.

Ada had filed a suit at the National Industrial Court in Abuja urging the court to declare his dismissal from the school as null and void, malicious, wrongful, unconstitutional and illegal. The accused schoolteacher was arrested in September 2021 but released thereafter.

A source told SaharaReporters that in view of the matter before the NIC, he still maintained the accommodation given to him by the pastor in the Lord’s garden but in a recent development, the Pastor of the church disconnected the water and electricity to his apartment.

Meanwhile, an audio recording of the meeting Ada had with Becky Enenche, and one Paul Onoja had been released.

Ada who insisted he was falsely accused defended himself stating that Onoja had connived with one Chioma to make him suffer.

He said, “When this whole thing happened, I’ve maintained only one stance to clear my name, I’ve laboured in this place, I’ve worked here tirelessly, served here for seven years of my youthful life and if I’m no longer needed, they can ask me to go but to tie me to molestation and kill my name is what I won’t take.”

However, he was interrupted by Onoja who said: “I think you are just being defensive, the board had called the girl, spoke with her and some other persons that corroborated her claims so if you are to take it up legally, I don’t think it is a battle you can win, very sincerely. Mummy has been very magnanimous about this matter.

”If you are not being defensive, you will be given a soft-landing. Work on this option, if yes, you say yes, if no, you say no.”

Becky who said she wanted to resolve the matter amicably urged Ada to tender a resignation letter so he can enjoy disengagement packages.

She also warned Ada to desist from going forward with the lawsuit stating that the school has no money to pay as damages.

She stated, “I pushed for you to be patron, I saw you as very zealous and everything. When this whole matter came up, this is my stand and my stand is, the cameras will not lie.

“There’s a camera you avoided but there was a blind spot which had a different kind of camera quite hidden which you could not avoid. We have footages but we don’t want to explore that angle.

“What I want you to do is to put in a resignation letter calmly, you have served the school for seven years putting in a chunk of your youthful and productive life, you wish to move on with your life and you put in a resignation. You will be grateful if your application is considered. In that light, if you have a resignation brought in, what we’ll issue to you is an approval of your resignation and then you are entitled to disengagement packages.

“If, however, you are not in agreement with this, we will give you a release letter and the release letter comes with no packages and you have no document to present in another school or workplace to say you worked here but with a resignation letter, your copy is with you, the agreement to the resignation is attached.

“If you apply in another place and they call the school to ask about you, and our recommendation, we have done it, it’s not one person, two or three, over the years even in the church. That’s all I wanted to talk to you about. I’m saying this because this is a period schools are recruiting, and parastatals are recruiting.

”I am just speaking on your interest so we can forge a way forward, I told Mr Paul that if you wanted to come with your lawyer come with him because I know he will be pushing you to sue, so we can pay Damages, there will be no such thing, the church will not pay any money. Destiny Academy is autonomous of Dunamis. There is no amount they will charge us that will be available.

“Just tell your lawyer that this is not a path to tread, for your peace of mind, for your children, wife and yourself so you can move on and forge ahead. I told Mr Paul to give you money for house rent. For me, the first week, when your wife met me at the staircase, I told her we will look into it.

”I was just hearing about it for the first time from her. And then I called Paul to pay you so you can move to another place. The next thing Paul was telling me you took them to the police etc. I’ve been so busy, Mr Paul came to me yesterday and explained to me.”

However, Ada insisted that the female minister’s position was one-sided saying, “I appreciate you for giving me this audience. I still think that this whole thing is one-sided. I’ve known Paul Onoja for a long time, we were in the University together. By being here, I’ve known all the shady things that he does. I know how Paul can come before you and daddy and make people look bad so that those people…

”You said I was being defensive, this whole issue is a gang-up between Chioma and Paul who have sworn to make me suffer.”

Reacting, Becky said, “Do I look like someone that listens to hearsay? I don’t have that time. You don’t know my schedule today. What I just think is, we will sort it out.

“And, I say to people, if someone is corrupt, it’s just a little matter of time. This place is not a place you will do funny deals and get away with it. If Paul is going shady things, it will come out. It will be unearthed and sorted out.”

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