Coronavirus: AAC Asks Buhari, APC To Unveil Action Plan To Curb Pandemic

The African Action Congress has asked President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress to outline strategic plan on how to curtail Coronavirus from further spreading in Nigeria.

In a statement, Ken Henshaw, AAC’s National Deputy Chairman, said, “The socio-political and socioeconomic circumstances surrounding this nation at this time of Coronavirus invasion has necessitated questions begging to be answered. 

“This is why we will be asking the Buhari/APC government frank questions as our lives are on the line together now.

“How do we expand healthcare coverage beyond the current minute participation and get mass volunteers, isolation centres, test centres in all villages, towns and cities. What are the plans for rural and slum dwellers who are not captured in the development plans?

“How is the government planning food sustenance for all citizens so more people do not die of hunger?

“What plans have the government for effective water supply, fumigation and routine checks? How will government get electricity massively and freely available to all citizens?”

While accusing political leaders of negligence and selfishness in leaving the borders open, Henshaw asked government to explain how it will ensure that vulnerable Nigerians abroad are repatriated,

He added, “How will the government make mass communications more effective and data/credit cheaper and subsidised? How will the government conduct really planned, vigilant, and responsive public education and mobilization?

“What are the special packages and privileges for health and security workers? What are the plans for price control and fights against hoarding and other business shenanigans? How will the government ensure public accountability as to the funds on coronavirus?”

The AAC Deputy Chair noted that government’s reactions have been slow and feeble in comparison to other countries that have taken proactive steps such as fumigating their cities, testing citizens, making kits available, recruiting more health workers and building emergency hospitals.

Henshaw stated, “Adhering to instructions as regards precautionary measures would do a lot of good because alarmingly there is yet no medical breakthrough for the virus.

“AAC believes that the people must seize this opportunity to stand our grounds and insist the government cares for all and not for a few.

“African Action Congress demands that all hands are on deck at this moment to make sure that we have short and long term solutions to what is happening today.

“We must all learn that the best is for us all to stand with revolutionary parties than these reactionaries who think of their pockets alone.”

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