Better To Stay, Defend Your Land— Nigerians React To Pastor Adefarasin’s ‘Plan B’ Advice To Flee Country

5Nigerians are expressing mixed reactions to a call by the Senior Pastor of the House on the Rock Church, Lagos State, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, that everyone should have a Plan B to leave the country if things do not work out well.

Some Nigerians believe it is better to stay and fight off the invading enemies causing insecurity than to bow to the attackers, while other Nigerians lament that there is no financial means to travel to a foreign land.

Adefarasin had in a sermon on Sunday advised Nigerians to start making arrangements to relocate to other countries, including neighbouring West African countries.

He had described the current crop of Nigeria’s leaders as jokers, adding that the citizens should begin to work on a plan B, which is to leave the country.

“No country in the world history has ever survived two civil wars. You could be in fright and running for your dear life any day from now if this thing does not come to an end.

“My personal encouragement to leaders and government on all sides is that it is not time to be partisan. It is time to sit down and dialogue. I urge you all to have a plan B and start making moves on how to leave this country. I know you have faith, I have faith too but I have a plan B,” he had said.

On social media, Nigerians have been reacting to the advice, making “Plan B” to be one of the most trending topics on Twitter.  

For instance, Mickey @Braskalee said, “How can 170 million non-Fula indigenous people of the British contraption known as Nigeria leave their ancestral lands and run away for 3 million alien West-African Fula to occupy? How can we accept to become 1 million rabbits being chased around by 1 cat? TIME TO UNITE & FIGHT.”

Peter Okoye @MrP7529 said, “We ain’t leaving Biafra land for anybody.” 

ASLAN @realpharaoh1968 tweeted, “Not now, not today and not forever. Let them come to Biafra land & die.We can’t leave our mother land & run away for them to take over. That’s not gonna happen, never. The weak ones are permitted to relocate, the strong & brave ones should stay back & fight. We must get there.”

Odudwa republic (@odudwarepublic1) said, “Very true, but instead of running, we’ll dissociate ourselves from killer Fulani and whatever they want, we don’t want to live with them no more … say no to Nigeria, Oduduwa Republic now, Oduduwa Repulblic to the world.. No to this failed British project.”

Similarly, White Amadasun (@WhiteAmadasun) said, “Sorry Pastor. I’m not leaving my ancestral homeland for Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists to take over in the name of Fulanisation, Islamisation and Ruganisation agenda of PMB’s Regime. They’re to leave Nigeria to Futa-Jalon, their original homeland and not me.”

Prince Chinecherem (@PrinceChineche4) said, “Garba Shehu (Presidency) will soon call Pastor Paul Adefarasin unpatriotic citizen, that his statement is a call for war/anarchy and is an attack to Buhari. Some brainwashed youths from the North will soon say it is an attack on the North.”


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