Another WHO Staff Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Bauchi

Another staff of the World Health Organisations has tested positive to Coronavirus in Bauchi State. 

Governor Bala Mohammed confirmed the new case on Tuesday.

On Sunday, a WHO Staff, who had a travel history to Kano, was confirmed to be positive. 

In response to the development, the state’s Ministry of Health ordered the sealing of the WHO/UNICEF office after decontaminating the facility.

Governor Mohammed said, “After a thorough discussion with all stakeholders of Bauchi, we have thoroughly discussed the problems and challenges on the prevalence of COVID-19 in Bauchi.

“We have also taken cognisance of the fact that Ramadan is approaching and majority of the people have always considered this moment as period of worship.

“Looking at all the decisions taken by the Jamaatul Nasirul Islam, and opinions expressed by our emirs, our ulamas, we came to the conclusion that the Committee on COVID-19 in Bauchi will sit down with a cross-section of ulama and clergymen to come out with clear guidelines on a partial lockdown in Bauchi State.”

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