AAC Confirms Sowore As National Chairman, Says Nigerians Have Rejected APC, PDP

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African Action Congress (AAC) has asked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to stop meddling in the affairs of the party, adding that it should recognise Omoyele Sowore as its National Chairman. 

In a press statement issued on Wednesday and jointly signed by Omoyele Sowore, National Chairman; Ina Okopi Agu, ​​​​General Secretary and ‘Femi Adeyeye​​​, National Publicity Secretary, the NEC of the party also asked INEC to recognise other National Officers elected along with Sowore at the Lagos Convention by the commission.

This NEC is constituted by all members of the National Working Committee (NWC) and State Working Committees (SWC) of the 36 states. 

At its third meeting, it discussed numerous developments in the party and the country at large.

As part of its demands at the end of the meeting, it called on the electoral body to stop its efforts to remove the state chairmen of the AAC across the country, and “a clear memo to this effect should be sent to all Resident Electoral Commissioners”.

“INEC must stop its unprincipled and unnecessary meddlesomeness in the party.

“Deregistration of political parties- It is crystal clear that the Nigerian people have passed a vote of no confidence on the two sides of the evil coin that have destroyed the country and whatever could be regarded as nationhood- the All 
Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party. 

“We know for a fact that the deregistration of political parties, purported appeal records against victorious court judgments, amongst other malfeasances perpetrated by INEC have reduced the confidence of the voting public and also constricted the electoral space more than ever witnessed in the history of this country. We, therefore, call on INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu to, in the interest of the mass of our people, respect the principles of constitutional and participatory democracy, by disembarking on the shameful journey to deny Nigerians their democratic rights to multiple political options. As a party established on solidarity and democratic tenets, we call for the expansion of the electoral space by INEC in order to provide a level playing ground as an independent umpire would,” the party said. 

It also discussed critical issues in the country, including insecurity, and came up with resolutions. 

In its resolutions, it urged Nigerians to boldly demand better governance. 

It said, “The case of the Federal Government’s defence of the terrorist Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami justifies our long-held positions that the President Muhammadu Buhari/APC government is a fascist behemoth that is a bandwagon of united multi-faces of violent crooks and packaged criminals whose embodiments of brazen stealing and acts of greed and impunity is second to none ever!

“We are sure that Isa Pantami is just a point of contact to most others who are hiding under different clothes and ridiculous garbs. This is a government formed by tested and brutal criminals whose chief is a mannequin of an insatiable thirst for massacres as can be seen recently in #Lekki, Obigbo, Owerri, Southern Kaduna, most of North-eastern villages and towns.

“AAC NEC, therefore, calls on all Nigerians to be clear about breaking away from this hell of a government. Enough of lamentations, it’s time to rise and call the bluff of this government by sending them packing once and for all through a revolution!

“There is a clamour for real and fundamental upturning for the better of the rot we live in today. But it comes in the shades of three; whether to do revolution, to secede, or to simply wait till 2023. In all of these three, the most basic, clinical, unifying, and massive is the revolution. Secession is lawful but too expensive, divisive, and doubtful. Only those who believe we can vote our oppressors out without a fight wait till 2023. But with the lessons from the January 2012 uprising and the #EndSARS; the revolution is the first, best, and safest!”

It faulted INEC, saying the electoral body “plans to deprive the Nigerian people of the opportunity to freely elect for themselves, a revolutionary alternative as against the over two decades of miserable rule of the APC and PDP”. 

“The NEC holds that at no point did it suspend or expel its national chair and the continuous recognition and dealings with party usurpers is in contravention to the constitution of the AAC and a shameless departure from the electoral act,” he added. 

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