Young Man Recounts How EFCC Operatives Framed Him For Internet Fraud After Invading His Home At Midnight

A young man named Adediran Rotimi has narrated his experience at the hands of some operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, who framed him for Internet fraud.

He said despite committing no offense, the EFCC operatives paraded him alongside other suspected Internet fraudsters.

The EFCC had on October 14 announced that it had arrested nine suspected Internet fraudsters in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Narrating his ordeal on Twitter, Rotimi said he was at home when the operatives broke in at the dead of the night and whisked him away.

He said the commission seized his mobile phones and laptop and detained him without carrying out an investigation.

He said, “EFCC broke into my apartment around 4:00am on this day and arrested me at gunpoint. At first I thought they were armed robbers because of their mode of operation but after seeing their jacket, I was calm since I don’t have anything incriminating

“At Ibadan, without investigation they took my pictures alongside others and uploaded it online, my heart was broken because my image has been ruined because I own a laptop and smartphones.

“Later I was handed over to an investigation officer, three people searched my phones and laptop for over four hours before the items were taken to their ICT but nothing incriminating was found. I thought I would be released that day since nothing was found on me until they gave me bail condition I couldn’t meet up. I was asked to provide one lawyer, two sureties with houses in Ibadan and must be a taxpayer for at least two years. To make matters worse, the lawyer wanted to collect N200,000 for an offense I didn’t commit.”

Rotimi further revealed that he was in the cell for two days where he had a very terrible experience.

He also said the EFCC left his apartment open after he was arrested, allowing thieves to steal some of his belongings.

“I met the bail condition on the third day and I was released but only for me to get home and find out that my apartment was ransacked. My television set was gone, every good appliance in my apartment was stolen including foodstuffs.

“I thought there was Justice and human rights in this country, now I am back to square one, no thanks to EFCC,” Rotimi added.

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