Two Nigerians Arrested Alongside Brazilian Drug Lord In Mozambique


A sting operation carried out by Brazil’s Federal Police, United States drug officials and Interpol, has led to the arrest of two Nigerians and a Brazilian drug baron.

Gilberto Aparecido dos Santos known as Fuminho, has been on the run for over two decades according to officials in Brazil.

Fuminho, who is one of the alleged leaders of the Sao Paulo-based First Capital Command drug gang, is accused of shipping tonnes of cocaine around the world, according to a report by AFP.

“The prisoner was considered the largest supplier of cocaine to a gang operating throughout Brazil, as well as being responsible for sending tonnes of the drug to several countries,” a statement from the Brazilian police said.

The Brazilian drug lord and his Nigerian accomplices were picked up at the Montebelo Indy, a luxury hotel in Maputo the Mozambique capital, according to officials in the country.

He landed in the African country in mid-March, spokesperson for the country’s police, Leonardo Simbine, revealed.

A fake Brazilian passport, cannabis, more than a dozen mobile phones and a car were seized during the operation.

The alleged drug runner was also accused of allegedly financing a plot to free the PCC’s leader, Marcos Willians Herbas Camacho, from prison.

Camacho, who is known as Marcola, is serving a sentence of more than 200 years in a maximum- prison in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia.

The gang is seen as the country’s largest and most powerful drug ring.

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