Sinister Fish Games: Moon – A Lunar Competitive Sci-Fi Board Game, A Pick & Pass Base-Building Game for 1-5 Players, Ages 10+

Price: FI BOARDGAME: Immersive theme and beautiful art pull players into this fun strategic sci - SCI
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In MOON players compete to build the most popular lunar base and become the new capital city of the Moon! The game employs the familiar “pick & pass” mechanism for players to select a new structure cards to add to their base. Each hand of cards represents a convoy of experts and equipment travelling between the players’ outposts, giving the player the choice of one new construction each turn. In a new twist, each hand always contains one of a number of “Expedition” cards that grant a special free action every turn before passing on to the next player. Wooden lunar rover tokens are a neutral resource that add a worker placement element to the game. Over the three eras of the game, players compete for supremacy in 5 aspects of their bases: housing, transportation, science, industry, and food production. At the end of each era, the leader in each of these areas collects bonus victory points, with rovers breaking ties. Each game also features a number of randomly selected “Reputation” cards which provide one-time or ongoing bonuses for the player who meets the requirement and claims the card. Moon is the standalone third game of a loose trilogy, preceded by Villagers and Streets. OVERVIEW: Building, worker placement, strategy board game. Players: 1-5. Ages 10+. Playing Time: 40-80 Minutes.
LUNAR COLONISATION: Moon imagines the first 100 years of lunar colonization, taking place over three eras in the game. Using the familiar “pick & pass” mechanism with a new twist, plus elements of worker placement, Moon is filled with crunchy decisions!
INCREASING DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Gameplay begins at an easy level and becomes more complex over time.
VARIABLE ELEMENTS keep each game feeling fresh and exciting with new opportunities to score points. Create satisfying combos with futuristic technology to score big bonuses.