Pennington Aquagarden, Inpond 5 in 1 Pond & Water Pump, Filter, UV Clarifier, LED Spotlight and Fountain, All in One solution for a Clean, Clear, and Beautiful pond, for Ponds up to 600 Gallons

Price: Instant solution for a clear and healthy pond: combined efficient pump and filtration package for ponds up to 600 gallons.
(as of May 16,2023 01:29:19 UTC – Details)

For Ponds up to 600 Gallons
A comprehensive range of three fountain heads, fittings and adjusters included
The built in 5 watt UV clarifier light kills green water and algae
The filter contains effective mechanical and biological filtration to keep our water clean and healthy
Ceramic biomedia – supports large populations of friendly bacteria creating a clear and healthy pond
Two-year guarantee for added peace of mind
LED spotlight 1 watt – enjoy your pond day and night