NGOs Responsible For Kidnapped Cleric’s Continued Stay With Boko Haram— Dikwa

The Director General, Centre for Justice on Religion and Ethnicity in Nigeria, Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, has blamed two non-governmental organisations for the continued stay of a clergyman, Policarp Zongo, in Boko Haram custody. 

Dikwa made this allegation when he was speaking with SaharaReporters on Friday.

Policarp Zongo was reportedly kidnapped on October 19, 2020 on his way to Gombe from Jos, Plateau State by members of the terrorist group.

Dikwa said the clergyman would have been released but for the politicking by two NGOs.

“The NGOs want the negotiation to come through them. I am strongly suspecting a connection between this so-called NGO and the Boko Haram sect. If not, why is it that anytime the Boko Haram abducts a person, particularly a Christian, it is either the news first comes through them and they will always back it up with a video clip posted to them by Boko Haram. Pastor Zongo is still in Boko Haram custody, ” he said.

Narrating what had happened to SaharaReporters, Dikwa said, “On this issue, I travelled to Maiduguri when he was kidnapped. I was the first person that was contacted because when a pastor was abducted two years ago, I was involved before they released him. I involved NGOs and some people, particularly it was the governor of Borno state that paid the money before they released that guy.

“Even for this one, I wanted to see if I could see the governor to discuss with him but the NGO and the security agencies appear to be doing business with it. Immediately they noticed that I knew their secret, they avoided me. Some sources told me the NGOs said Boko Haram was requesting $1.3 million as ransom but they made sure they didn’t tell me. They are claiming that the money Boko Haram is demanding as ransom is too much, they can’t pay it. that’s why till today, Reverend Polycarp is still with Boko Haram.”

Dikwa said he doesn’t believe all it, adding that there was no way Boko Haram would demand such an amount from a church. 

He revealed that the person financing one of the foundations is a service chief and a board member of the same NGO has an appointment in the present government, “so who are they deceiving?” he quipped.

The Director General also opined that the Nigerian government is unserious about tackling Boko Haram. 

He said, “The beneficiaries of Boko Haram cannot fight Boko Haram. Until we get someone who is not a beneficiary of Boko Haram, that’s when there will be an end to Boko Haram.”

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