Legal Luminary, Afe Babalola, Calls For Abolition Of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Aare Afe Babalola, has called for the jettison of the existing 1999 constitution, saying the document contributes to the growing problem in the country.

Babalola also pushed for the restructuring and introduction of the people’s constitution.

Babalola, who spoke at the 1st Goke Omisore VOR Annual Lecture in Lagos, noted that the 1999 constitution encourages indolence, lack of creativity, greed, wanton struggle for positions in the central government and untoward attitude of begging for monthly allocation from the Federal Government.

He stated that the constitution is expensive as it makes the state and local government impotent.

He said, “Our constitution is the greatest problem of Nigeria. The operation of the constitution is expensive with its attendance over-concentration of power at the centre, thereby rendering the states and the local government totally impotent unlike what obtained under the parliamentary constitution of 1960 and 1963.”

The legal luminary stated that restructuring of the country would change the country for better and pave the way for the enhancement of one Nigeria.

He noted that restructuring would see to the creation of a federal constitution that would create a general change in the country.

He said, “There would be a change in the mode of election and the type of people we would elect to govern us.

“It will ensure that we have a part-time legislation, reduce the humongous salaries being earned by our legislators in favour of sitting allowances and reduce cost of governance.

“It is restructuring that would enable each state to control its population, set internationally acceptable standard for admission to tertiary institution and bring back the glory of quality education from our universities.

“Above all, it is restructuring that would curb over-concentration of power in the centre and reduce corruption, promote harmony and unity and make the country metamorphose into a nation.”

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