Latest Pakistani Party Wear Dresses in 2015

When talk about fashion, a bunch of things come in mind. Either these are apparel or fashion accessories, all these things have non-stop variations of different and unique styles. Females are crazy about dresses, especially Pakistani women who are fond of wearing dresses of different styles. To give themselves a stunning look, they are always in search of different stylish dresses throughout the country. To fulfill their needs, Pakistani fashion designers design elegant dresses. There are so many fashion designers of the country who have a good reputation not only in national but also in international market. Some great names are Ayesha Somaya, Deepak Parwani, Sania Maskatiya, etc. All these offer almost all types of fashion dresses for women according to current trends, occasions and seasons.

Parties and weddings are such occasions in which all women are crazy about their dresses. They are always very excited about to choose the right party wear. In Pakistan, weddings and parties give a traditional eastern look in terms of mores and dresses. So according to it, the country’s top fashion designers create elegant and beautiful dresses for women to wear in the parties. Well it is true that the young generation of the country prefers to wear jeans, tops, etc. but still, majority likes the traditional style. Shalwar Kameez, Kurtis and Frocks of different styles are very common to wear in Pakistani parties, weddings and ceremonies. The colors of these party wear are mostly bold and dark with amazing shades. Also, these party wears have fabulous designs of work including zari, motifs, gottas along with pretty laces and patches.

Party wears contain fancy gowns with stitching patterns and embroidery. All these dresses are made from different fancy fabrics such as Cotton, Silk, Dyed Chiffon, Mareena, Goergette, Chunri, Net, Craipe and many more. These fabrics are used to give a stunning look to the dresses with a combination of eastern and western cuts. While talking to the various fashion designers who create party wear for women, it is known that they really work hard to form a gorgeous designed dress. They keep in their mind that what can be the choice of a woman. Also they keep themselves in touch with the current market trends about which style and fashion is currently inn. They create party wear in such a way that every single piece of dress has its unique design and charm. This is the reason why Pakistani designer dresses are popular throughout the world.

Different styles and designs of party wear contain long embroidered shirts with pajamas, kurti and shalwar with stitched designs, embroidered frocks with pajamas and shalwars too, long shirts with different creative designs with shalwar and dupatta. The views of women about Pakistani designer dresses are so satisfactory. Some of them are potential customers of their favorite designers and always buy dresses of every occasion from the same. Party wear dresses of Pakistani designers are also very popular in other countries. UAE, Saudia, Palestine, Qatar, Oman are such countries in which dresses of Pakistani designers are liked and their women love to wear these dresses.

Source by Fahad Yousuf Khan

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