In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People

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Dr. George Simon knows how people push your buttons.  Your children–especially teens–are expert at it, as is your mate.  A co-worker may quietly undermine your efforts while professing to be helpful, or your boss may prey on your weaknesses.  Manipulative people have two goals: to win and to look good doing it.  Often those they abuse are only vaguely aware of what is happening to them.  In this eye-opening book, you’ll also discover…

* 4 reasons why victims have a hard time leaving abusive relationships

* Power tactics manipulators use to push their own agendas and justify their behavior

*Ways to redefine the rules of engagement between you and an abuser

* How to spot potential weaknesses in your character that can set you up for manipulation.

* 12 tools for personal empowerment to help you maintain greater strength in all relationships

”Thank you for your book, In Sheep’s Clothing. My husband and I saw several counselors to help us through the problems we were having with my mother-in-law who is immature and manipulative. The counselors spent most of their time trying to get me [to accept her], instead of teaching me [as only your book did] ways to cope with her manipulation.”

(Erin, online purchaser)

“I've not read a more eye opening book. It hits the problem nail right on the head. If you suspect someone is manipulating you, please read this most valuable book. It will truly pull the wool off of your eyes.”

(Carnelian, a reader in New England)

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