EXCLUSIVE: Witnesses Confirm Amaechi’s Presence During Kaduna Train Station Attack

Contrary to denial by Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, and other loyalists of the All Progressives Congress, SaharaReporters has confirmed that Amaechi and other train passengers were attacked by bandits in Kaduna at the Rigasa Train Station on Sunday night.

In the attack, which Amaechi and his convoy narrowly escaped, it was confirmed that the gunmen waylaid the passengers at Mando Road as they were disembarking from the train.

The news of the attack was first published by Daily Nigerian, an online newspaper that reported that Amaechi alongside hundreds of passengers escaped an attack.

Aisha Yesufu, a rights activist, also confirmed the attack as she said that her relatives were at the train station when the attack happened.

She tweeted, “Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, you should be ashamed of yourself. My sister, my brother and my sister-in-law were in that train. When your convoy scattered and you fled like a new born mouse whom water have been poured on, it was witnessed!. Governance is not by lies and propaganda!”

In what appears to be an attempt to hide the frail security of lives and properties at the train station and along the road, Amaechi said he was not attacked neither did he witness any attack.

Recall that the Nigerian Railway Corporation also denied an attack on passengers on the January 2, 2020 when some gunmen shot at a train on the Abuja-Kaduna route.

In reaction to the attack, Managing Director, NRC, Fidet Okhiria, said that there was no attack on the train by gunmen.

Okhira claimed that ‘some boys’ threw stones at the train and it hit one of the coaches.

Confirming the Sunday night attack at the Rigasa Train Station, one of the passengers, who pleaded anonymity, confirmed that not only was there an attack but that Amaechi was present at the train station during the incident.

The eyewitness said, “It was when we were dispersing that the people were attacked, not the train.

“The Mando Road is a bit lonely but there are some security posts just that they are far away.

“Amaechi and the security took the same road and few minutes after, there was a shout and people were turning back from the road.

Amaechi and his entourage along with other people going through Mando Road turned back and took the other road at the train station.

“We don’t know whether the bandits came for Amaechi or other passengers but it is confirmed that there was an attack.”

The eyewitness questioned why Amaechi was lying about the incident and trying to hide from the public the true state of things at the train station.

The witness added, “This is human lives that we are talking about. I don’t know why he is trying to cover the attack. He first said that he was not attacked and they came back to say the attack happened far from the train station and he was not there.”

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