Antique Bronze Real Raw Moldavite Piece Wire Wrapped Cage on a Leather or Waxed Cord Adjustable Friendship Bracelet- Mens Womens Bracelet- Couples Bracelet (M Black Cord 5-7″)

Price: Real Raw Moldavite Wire Wrapped into a Metal Cage, and attached Cord or Leather
(as of Jun 05,2022 07:36:18 UTC – Details)

This is a beautiful handmade bracelet done with a genuine (Direct from the Czech Republic) raw Moldavite specimen and antique bronze wire is wrapped thickly around stone for protection. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity! Comes on an adjustable slideknot 1MM soft black leather or Black Waxed cotton cord.

Cord has been worn by our customers for years without issue.
*Note – You will receive a bracelet like the one pictured. As this is a production piece, each piece will be slightly but look just like the one in the picture. About Moldavite: A product of a meteor strike that took place in the Moldau Valley in what is now the Czech Republic more than 14 million years ago, Moldavite is an olive green tektite that was formed from the impact created by the heat and kinetic energy of the meteor striking the sand, creating a special type of gemstone that has some of the properties of desert glass, but others that are unique, with flecks of the meteor itself strewn throughout the stone. Moldavite is as incredibly rare as it is beautiful and is thought to be a powerful stone sought after by healers as well as gem enthusiasts around the world for its strange resonance and properties. Because it is so highly prized and rare, there is a lot of fake moldavite on the market today, much of which is being sold by gem dealers and jewelry makers without their knowledge that they are passing along forgeries. This is why at Denique Vintage Designs, we spent the better part of a year finding a source for our Moldavite that we could trust, going directly to the heart of the Czech Republic and to find a source right at the mines to ensure that every piece of moldavite we get is genuine and of high quality. All of our moldavite jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is not made into jewelry until we have performed our own tests here at the shop.
Makes for a unique Father’s Day gift