Antier Indoor Digital TV Antenna – for Smart and Older TVs, 8K 4K Full HD Compatible, 415+ Miles Range Smart Antenna with Advanced Amplifier Signal Booster & 10ft Coaxial Cable [2023 Upgrade]

Price: quality HD channels, regardless of the type of TV you own, this digital antenna for TV will work seamlessly with it, providing you with a crystal - ✔ 8K 4K and FULL HD COMPATIBLE: This indoor TV antenna is designed to provide you with high
(as of Jul 24,2023 09:42:02 UTC – Details)

✔ Improving the performance of your indoor digital TV antenna can often be achieved by simply relocating it. Moving the antenna closer to a window or mounting it higher up on the wall can greatly enhance its signal reception.
✔ The digital TV signal is a line of sight type, and a higher placement of the indoor TV antenna typically results in better reception. Obstructions like walls can cause weaker and disrupted signals, so an unobstructed view to the broadcast towers is ideal for optimal performance.
✔ Roofing materials and other obstacles like fluorescent lights and computers can negatively impact your TV’s signal from the antenna.
✔ The 360° design of the antenna allows it to receive signals from all directions. If the signal is weak even with the amplifier, try removing the amplifier and adjusting the antenna’s position for optimal reception, especially for a TV located away from the window.
✔ The antenna for smart TV is compatible with 720P, 1080P, 4K, 8K, ASTC and more, but to avoid interference with the signal, keep it away from magnetic objects. Magnetic objects can also degrade image quality, so place the antenna close to a window, facing outside, and far from magnetic products.

Technical Specifications 

Type: TV antenna
Brand Name: ANTIER
Frequency Range: VHF174-230/ UHF470-862Mhz
Gain: 5dB/25dB with amplifier
VSWR : 2.0
Polarization: vertical
Impedance: 75 ohms
Size: 60*148.5mm
Cable Length: 16 ft
Power supply: By setbox
Connector Type: F male or customized
✔ ANTIER CRYSTAL CLEAR PICTURE: The quality and signal range of these Antier TV antennas are exceptional. With a range of up to 350+ miles, the TV antenna for smart TV effectively filters out cellular and FM signals, providing you with a clearer picture and high voice quality with minimal noise. This results in a crystal-clear viewing experience for all major HD channels. Our company’s advanced technology guarantees minimal interference and maximum reception, making it a top-performing digital TV antenna on the market.
✔ AESTHETIC APPEAL: The Antier antenna TV digital HD indoor boasts a unique design that combines practicality with stylish appeal. Its compact and sleek size allows for easy placement near the TV or near a window for improved reception. This indoor antenna provides a sophisticated and attractive solution compared to outdated and unsightly outdoor TV antennas, making it one of the best valuable addition to any home’s aesthetic.
✔ EASY INSTALLATION: Installing this Antier digital TV antenna is a stress-free process. The straightforward design of this HD antenna makes it quick and simple to set up. Simply plug it in, adjust its position, and scan for channels. Note that you should rescan after moving the antenna to a different location. With this cable-free TV antenna, you’ll never miss your favorite programs again. You can have it up and running in just a few minutes with ease.
✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY: Antier team strives to produce the highest quality TV antennas for the market, which is why we are confident in offering a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers our products against any defects, ensuring your satisfaction. However, please note that it does not cover any damage caused by user or natural causes.
✔ 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you require assistance with the installation of your TV antenna, our professional team is ready and available to help. Simply reach out to us directly for support.