Air Strike Kills Boko Haram’s ‘Chief Judge’ In Lake Chad


‘Chief Judge’ of Boko Haram terrorists, Muhammad Shuwa, has been killed in a brutal air raid.

Intelligence sources noted that assessment conducted on the terror group revealed that about 25 top Boko Haram commanders were killed within the last two months following a rise in military offensive in North-Eastern Lake Chad.

Terrorists and inhabitants have continued to flee the Lake Chad general area to neighbouring countries including Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

Source also told PRNigeria of the massive death caused by undetonated improvised explosive devices used to fortify camps by insurgents after aerial attacks.

The source said, “Two foreign terrorist sponsors were killed during the air raid and ground assault by the Nigerian troops in their camps.

“During the operations, most of the foreign commanders fled, leaving behind few local commanders.

“Local fighters were also said to have been forcibly recruited along with some few Budumas who stayed back to hold ground.

“There is anticipation of an imminent and massive protest in the ISWAP camps as some fighters have started accusing the leadership of misleading them.”

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