Africa Can’t Run Away From Coronavirus, Medical Expert Says

A medical expert, Abu Clement Okolo, has said that Africa cannot run away from Coronavirus, hence the need to embrace the guidelines given by the World Health Organisation.

Clement, who spoke to SaharaReporters on the preparedness of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, said it is impossible to predict the possible turnout of events in Africa as many countries on the continent are not prepared for the pandemic.

He also expressed worry about medical experts contracting the disease.

Last week, the Provost and Deputy Provost of University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State, Ezekiel Olapade-Olaopa and Obafunke Denloye both tested positive for the virus. 

On the same day, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Jesse A. Otegbayo, also tested positive for the virus. 

Speaking on the global spread of the virus that has now infested over one million people worldwide, Clement said happenings in European nations only go to show how unprepared Africa is.  

He said, “Corona is not something we can run away from. Corona is real. We, as scientists, know we are not prepared in Africa for what is happening.

“What everybody needs to do is to brace up, heed the social distancing, stay at home. Nobody can say the turn of the event in the coming days.

“If it is starting with the people at the top of the medical community which is the best in the Nigerian setting, you can imagine what could happen.

“My advice to everyone should abide by the WHO instructions—stay home. Believe in God and Make peace with God.”

Nigeria has recorded 174 confirmed cases so far and two recorded deaths.

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